17 dwellings and shops in Aguilas del Teide

Profesional, Projects, c. XXI, Housing

17 dwellings and shops in Aguilas del Teide

Arona , Tenerife .

Acciona realtor .

Blanca Lleó .

Miguel Tejada, Constance Temboury ; Camilo Garcia and Maria Hernandez. Facto engineering structures , JG facilities .

Acciona construction .

Size of project
7,200 m2.

Design and execution of work
From 2003 to 2006 .


In a volcanic slope , having as background a theme park of tropical vegetation with exotic birds and wild animals, 17 villas and commercial premises overlooking the sea in a 180 ° arc was staggered . The number of volumes in the built alternating set , so that throughout the rooms of each house , the sequence of frames and views of the landscape is ever changing and open to the distant horizon.

The purpose of this project is the construction of 17 single family homes and commercial premises at Plot No. 19 Partial Plan Tinguafaya located in Chayofa, municipality of Arona ( Tenerife). The total set is divided into 4 volumes of discontinuous stripes and a compact building. In the four lines perpendicular to the main access road construction, single family homes are located. At the southern end of the plot is located in a single volume commercial premises . The cross section reflects the stepwise adaptation of homes to the ground with minimal earthworks. From the road side pedestrian access is possible and out to each of the 17 properties whose type program comprises lounge, bathroom and kitchen on the ground floor , and two or three bedrooms as case – each with dressing room and bathroom en top floor. The homes have three bedrooms viewing deck on deck and two parking garage closed .

The black basalt walls, the simple and tiny scale volumes , palm trees and native species in the landscape integrate persigen anonymously on built complex .

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