Intervention in Calle San Román and San Clemente, Toledo

Profesional, Projects, c. XXI, Master planning

Intervention in Calle San Román and San Clemente, Toledo

The project focuses on enhancing the environmental quality, the mobility conditions and the monumental value of this iconic part of the historical centre of Toledo.

Urban reordering of the San Roman square and its adjacent streets is a project commissioned by the Toledo’s Consortium and covers an area of 2.100 m2

The project consists in replacing, in some cases reclycling, the elements that compose the urban scene, e.g., pavements, lighting, access to buildings, street funiture, vegetation,signaling, etc.  The new pavement is composed of basaltic stone slab and stripes of cast-iron in a combination that subtly with the contrast of the texture, colour and brightness.

On the one hand the pavement breakup and alternation of these two materials give cadency and rhythm to Toledo’s complex geometry and alignment.

On the other hand the slabs and stripes of foundry every two meters resolve the joint with small splits, creating a permeable pavement that permits the undersoil breath protecting the historical walls from damps by capillarity

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