Architectural Maquette de Michel Soskine


Architectural Maquette de Michel Soskine

The models as objects of art
Ten Spanish architects models expose some of his creations



The models and especially the architecture in New York are very precious objects , sold and auctioned . The opposite of what usually happens in Europe, where they are considered especially tools, more or less successful aesthetically . A New York art dealer , Michel Soskine , which was installed in Madrid with a branch of the same name (Padilla , 36) , thought it was time that in Spain these small works of art are valued in proportion. He called a few architects and proposed the idea. Until 21 May, a set of 10 models of other architects who share a strong international projection is exposed.

Luis Mansilla and Emilio Tuñón des have gotten their projects in a box, the Art Museum of Visigothic Toledo ( 2010) and the Museum of Cantabria ( 2003). They combine two very different universes : the first is a trip to the Visigothic architecture and the most basic and sustainable modernity of Cantabria is the reinvention of nature, with the outlines of the mountains perfectly defined wood .

Andrés Jaque always returns to the field of playfulness . Your Hospice of The Floating Divertimen -ments ( 2008), Mallorca , provides the natural point . Mix balsa wood with polyurethane foam for a model with two levels , an overview and a detail of the staircase, which allows the architect to play with scales and space.

The model of the Levene ‘s House ( 2001) , Eduardo Arroyo, El Escorial is a watermark a large scale. This house , whose construction had trees on the ground and was designed such that none was cut was conditional , has been reproduced with the help of materials like cardboard, aluminum and printed acetate.

The models have been objects that have accompanied the architects since antiquity. Not only as a reminder of the small-scale project came true or witnessed what could not be, but an important part of the creative process of the architect and the relationship of this with your team and your customer. “They are very eloquent and much-needed project for architecture objects ,” muses Blanca Lleó present at the exhibition with his Bioclimatic Tower (2006 ) in Madrid . “They are the poetics of what one imagines , but that can become reality.”

Along with the rest – the Centre for Contemporary Creation of Córdoba (2010), Nieto Sobejano , the Cam – pus Deanery of Justice (2007 ) , Picado de Blas ; Pavilion Cherry Blossom (2008 ) , in the Valley Jerte , Cristina Moreno García Grinda & Ephrem and Zhang Da Qian Museum , Sichuan (China ), 2010 , Benedetta Tagliabue , are small sculptures reflecting the link between art and architecture.


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