Bioclimatic tower

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Bioclimatic tower

The bioclimatic tower was commissioned for Acciona Isla Chamartín in Madrid.

Designed by Blanca Lleó collaboration with Camilo Garcia , Marcelo Luis Gutiérrez Noeding and comprises an area of ​​10.000m2 .

The project aims to reconcile stillness and perspective that contributes to live in a house in height , with proximity to green areas providing a small group of houses on the ground.

The set is a vertical stack of volumes. Throughout the 75 -meter-high skyscraper this small , we insert 4 Environmental ecosystems that supported sustainable facilities and social facilities of quality and comfort (recruitment and management of renewable energy, gray water recycling and waste neighborhood collective spaces , etc. ) .

All homes have at least 2 hours of sunlight between 10 and 14 hours , cross ventilation and circulatory shock space between interior and exterior . The facade looks for new techniques, materials and aesthetic solutions , constituting itself as a skin for smart , moody layers and interactive with the environment.

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