Blanca Lleó | The architecture Confronts Female


Blanca Lleó | The architecture Confronts Female



The controversy was served at 2006 Mirador , the spectacular building Sanchinarro official protection . Made in collaboration with the Dutch MVRDV , Mirador has earned this woman a large number of national and international awards . Madrid and enthusiastic , just designed a lighthouse, a jail or housing for young people , who invents a renewable energy system to convert the buildings into self-sufficient , or nearly authorities . It is the only female professor Project , the subject ‘s bone to study architecture . Acclaimed and recognized, Blanca Lleó apparent modesty and energy. In his forties , know the meaning of the word limit .

REM – . One of your most prized buildings is Mirador in Sanchinarro . Do you suppose recognize that architecture has come to public housing ?

BLANCA LLEÓ – . Supposed to recognize that housing is not only architecture and production of square meters. No use to the great museums or institutions have capitalized architecture and spaces of our daily lives , no. It is very important to think about the architectural quality and not only in the profit and profitability .

REM – . Now that is betting on housing for young people between 30 and 50 m2 , do you think in such a small space can develop concerns or even be happy?

B. L. – Of course I do . I insist , is not so much a question of quantity and quality. When you choose the first home , the one that lets you leave your parents’ house , is temporary. Not for long . Therefore, 40-50 m2 are perfectly feasible for a person who does not have a family organization. Is transitional housing and can meet your demands . Speaking of quality, rather than square meters I mean space concept . We are now making an apartment building for young people in Barcelona, ​​at the foot of Montjuic , around 40 m2. All have a fully glazed facade with a window of 6×3 m . Apart from the views, the window gives a great feeling of spaciousness.

REM – . Talk kitchens. As players throughout our lives and yet , for years, even managed to get the wardrobe , that place where so many people came out .

BL- (laughs ) It’s true , but now fortunately have gone out of him and have become highly technifies – two laboratories. In the kitchen is done the most intense part of our life. In the Mirador building, for example , all kitchens are built into the living room. Because odors are not a problem . On the one hand , there are very powerful extractors. And secondly, no longer as before with the kitchen that fattened grasaza cholesterol and clung to anything.

REM – . Concern to improve in your everyday home , you are researching solar energy systems in the buildings themselves. What are ?

BL- is essential to bet on renewable energy : climate change is a proven fact . Currently they are making solar farms in remote locations, but my concern is how we can capture solar energy in urban areas and not only in remote areas . And the solution is in the buildings. We are working on it and we have patented a system for capturing and hiding the sun through a kind of hinged slats. Thus, ” braked ” the sun, ” keep ” , keep your energy and we do not consume sell it to power companies. It is clean energy that benefits the building and society.

REM – . Yet despite these attempts to improve the daily life through architecture , Madrid is undergoing a major change. The center lost hegemony in favor of large commercial and leisure centers around the city. This imported from USA , model how far can get ?

BL- is a topic linked to contemporary reality. We have an advanced consumer society . Consumption has almost become the leitmotiv of our time , so the malls are the protagonists. And you have to be critical of this paper to which we are relegated citizens. I’ve been critical Sanchinarro where each building is like an island in the streets no social life, they are just great avenues for cars. So where people relate ? For in the mall. For me it is a gross caricature of what our system. I do not like that model city .

REM – . ‘ll See combat , does being an architect means to have strength of character ?

B. L. – It takes a little conductor. One project involves many people. It is very important to know where north is , for everyone to believe in him. Only then , together, you can make a success of something that in principle exists only in your head. But this is only one way to practice architecture . There are many ways to work within this world . Not all have to be Norman Foster.

REM – . Curiously how much of fashion designers love the architecture. What they have in common these two disciplines , one with and the other ephemeral vocation -minded eternity?

B. L. – Yes , it is true that there is mutual love. Everything is design work in this world and in the visual arts have in common. The architecture is rather a race to the bottom , from one idea to the project until I see him spend years ended . You have to be very tenacious. I’ve always envied the artists , do not have to be a customer to do his work .

REM – . Different note, how do you get the proper mental state to create ?

BL- must have a good emotional life and a good physical life. I am a very athletic person . I believe that sport is essential. I like to run , I participate in marathons, races of all kinds. You have to have the body shape to keep the mind healthy . On the other hand , travel a lot and in airplanes and airports a bubble , very interesting to work with computer concentration is created . At the same time you are watching everything that happens , the world offers you with a huge clarity. This contact with reality is crucial to create and project . You have to know your time and , of course , you must also know the past : it is something fundamental is our background and starting point.

REM – . Where’d you get your vocation?

B. L. – I do not know really . In my family there is no architect. It is true that small passionate mathematics and drawing me too. At school my teachers guided me towards architecture and because in college, I was fortunate to have great teachers who definitely made ​​me fall in love with this profession.

REM – . Iraciuí The Zaha Hadid was the first woman to win the Pritzker prize famous . Did you arrive to architecture their feminine moment?

BL -Hadid is an excellent professional who has fought what is not written. For many years he was betting unsupported by risk architecture , very conceptual, but did not reach that client that allows you to bring to reality what you have in mind. It is true that until recently women generally did not have good access to careers in science . From education we diverted to other matters, but what matters is not being female or male , what really matters is the team you surround yourself . The talent is above gender .

REM – . Way, do not you ever been the target of typical loose compliments that construction workers when a woman goes through a play?

B. L. – ( laughs) Not really . I love the works, talk to one and all , correct … There have been no compliments, nor have I ever had ” macho ” problems with site managers , managers, operators … Interestingly it has been in other areas such as college where if I’ve noticed a certain rejection . The college works very inbred way , with small groups of men who capitalized to hinder access to women. In fact , no women professors in architecture .

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