Blanca LLeó in NAN


Blanca LLeó in NAN

“In Spain have led us to share a house, because it is the great business of our country “


Always in his work there is a great concern to create spaces that foster affective networks . Whence comes this obsession ?

It is paramount. In Japan they have a problem with young people who decide to shield at home and not go out . This has become a social condition that is spreading , one way inhibited the outside world, take individualism to the limit. In the conquest of individual liberty we have been around for centuries, but , like everything else, has its counterpart . Individualism leads to loneliness civic causes immense human dramas. To me I need to create perishes scenarios that can cause friction between people, spaces for interaction , conversation , stay in touch , because sometimes those spaces do not exist. Before there was the porch , the porch , the alley, the corner of the courtyard , were neighborhood proximity gaps that now, with the city model is done, are disappearing. The streets are roads, get the car to the garage and you take the lift and walk home , no points of connection with others . Come into contact in the mall, it is rather the product you buy . It is the relationship with the objects of desire, but not with people.


Apparently in Spain has evolved more social than private housing.

If you look back and see all these crazy years of construction , it is quite difficult to find ideas for private housing with an interest . There has been a lot of production and little architecture in private housing , are repetitive and outdated formulas , formulas constatadas to make a profit on production, pure speculation. However, social housing has been by the government , an interest in seeking proposals have been competitions, has opened the field to young architects , contests in which there is a concern about sustainability issues or new lifestyles . It has been researched typologies, how the architecture is implemented in the city, in new construction or new materials systems. All this has been made more from the Administration. Bet he did, for example, the Municipal Housing Corporation of Madrid, which at the time had a very commendable leadership role , I think he has gone missing. The Administration has been dropping the bar and not the other , and started to repeat more conventional structures. I do not want to investigate both . There is less scope and less ambition from the Administration. And it’s unfortunate .


“Housing for life no longer exists ,” he said on occasion.

We live in a society where mobility is crucial : life must be sought where there future horizons . I carry the international relations sub at my school and am looking for work areas for young Spanish architects , because in Spain will not be . We are building relationships with China, with Brazil. There is a global and even territorial mobility, you have to be much more flexible. Labor issues , family organization , all that makes mobility is essential in our lives. One switch housing and housing is changing us as the requirements of the moment.


But the Spanish mortgage prevents them from being flexible.

In Spain we have the curse of buying a home, we have induced , it is big business in our country. The need will create it. One lifetime mortgage and who shows a profit? Construction companies and banks. It is a necessity induced , such as consumerism , and the error of this country has been put all the effort in consumption and housing and now pay the consequences . It is a short-range perspective exhausted itself . When what you do is promote talent , retain , and reward innovation , creativity . For our country to suffer a brain drain that leave the United States or Japan where they can extract its potential.

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