Brunch with … Blanca Lleó en EL PAÍS


Brunch with … Blanca Lleó en EL PAÍS



“Recycling spaces and cities is the positive side of the crisis”




A pure and Japanese restaurant ? And that how you eat ? Well I have just given a Michelin star. The Japanese , we’ll see. Castizo is clear : dessert , chocolate with churros. The architect Blanca Lleó (Madrid , 1958 ) starts the conversation alluding to the “perplexity ” he felt when Soledad Puértolas recently entered the Spanish Academy ( RAE) because it was bigger news than a woman agreed to this stronghold yet so mascuüno the fact that in other.


Lleó is a professor in the School of Architecture of Madrid Course Project , which along with Urbanism are the bones of the race. Holders of these materials are very few in Spain , but that no professor . So colleagues and former teachers have encouraged them to present to the chair . ” They tell me there are not professors in pediatrics and , worse, or Obstetrics and Gynecology , . Perplexes this really is wasteful and unsustainable energy in the classroom half the students are women and that number is not reflected in the higher categories. chairs held in all the races are only 14% and Architecture , 7% ” .


He finished the race in 24 years and came to teaching hand Oiza Saenz ( ” I was his disciple and supported me a lot”) and Moneo. But with its new Odyssey feels certain stage fright. What ? ” A inertia that surrounds us, to get into a territory that is not ours … It’s really no planazo and would like others also be encouraged to make use of its talent , I want to be a rare piece and I like I do not think that alone. ”

The menu, chosen by Ricardo Sanz, the chef arrives . The guest chef and friend asks only that no excesses. The shrimp and anemones (brains behind them) seem newcomers Cadiz , and tempura are exquisite rarity. What about a stuffed shrimp with quail egg , ” a work of art,” the architect decides . The author of bioclimatic Acciona Tower in Barcelona, ​​has two major concerns. One , the paper (or isolation ) in large cities , as expressed in his famous Mirador building of social housing in Sanchinarro ( Madrid) with MVRDV designed to make the people they met. ” The city is a great invention because it is where the strongest relationships occur . Instead , new peripheral cities are ghettos islands that are not meant for people, which is barely visible , inhuman. Urbanism But those volumes required massifs, introverted, an aberration . ” The other obsession Lleó is that the rent is the center of the housing policy. It has signed a social rented housing for young people in the Zona Franca de Barcelona. ” In the U.S. and Germany have very clear , a person has to take charge of your life and its responsibilities from 18, not otherwise permitted nor society , nor parents , nor oneself.”


In these times of crisis , commitment to recycling. “It’s a contemporary attitude not post new buildings but build on existing Recycle spaces and cities do more with what you have is the positive side of the crisis. ” .


And the chocolate comes with churros, comforting .


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