A city called Spain. Athens. Moscow.

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A city called Spain. Athens. Moscow.

Project ‘ Plaza de San Roman and adjacent streets . Toledo ‘ Blanca Lleó . Exposure A city called Spain . National Glyptoteca Athens ( 21 May -29 Aug 2010) . Central House of Artists ( Tsentralni Judózhnika Dom ) Moscow ( 12 May 2011-10 Jul 2011) .

A city called Spain is a sample that includes 80 projects by over 100 prestigious Spanish architects and in all their diversity reflects the landscape of contemporary Spanish architecture in the first decade of this century .

The exhibition curated and designed by Manuel Blanco is an intergenerational portrait in that mix from the new studies and emerging groups with the most established Spanish figures on the international scene . We tried to do a portrait of the Spanish architecture built by our architects in our own territory. To do this we have placed only two factors in the selection of this sample works : Let your teams be based in Spain , which are studies that live and work in our cities. And that works be built or planned in Spain in the first decade .

We have created a city whose design matches the map of our country. An abstracted topographic model of our terrain, a relief map , a plane of glass resting on models, photographs and drawings. Representations of buildings that are located in this large map of our peninsula , its islands and cities , in correspondence with the real situation. Crossed by roads which enable the visitor to travel and you explore the interiors of our architectural landscape as if walking a real city .

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