Covid-19 Private School

Projects, c. XXI, Public buildings

Covid-19 Private School



Blanca Lleó.

Harriet Camacho, Joaquín Cepas, Alejandro Bernabeu

Size of project
1,500 m2

September 2020

This project arises becaused of the urgent need to have a greater number of classrooms and new collective and outdoor spaces to guarantee the safety distances marked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thereby, the project consists in the rehabilitation of some of the wings of the ruined building – in order to provide the school with the necessary teaching spaces – the creation of a new children’s dining room and the adaptation of the cloister.
In the latter a living and changing garden is inserted in which all the species vary their appearance and bloom throughout the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. The herbaceous pernenes are mixed with perennial plants, grasses, boxwood shrubs and a cloister cypress.

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