Dream of living in Arquitesis

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Dream of living in Arquitesis

Blanca Lleó received the First Prize of Caja de Arquitectos (1997 ) Foundation with his doctoral research, as well as excellent Doctoral Thesis Award of the Polytechnic University of Madrid ( 1995-1996) , COAM Award (1998) and Special Mention in the VI biennial of Architecture (2002 ) .



Last year was found and published for the first time Jules Verne manuscript dated 1863 and titled Paris in the twentieth century. With over one hundred years in advance , the brilliant writer who was dreaming Victorian era with trips to the moon, or the deep sea to the center of the earth foreshadows , in this story , open and cosmopolitan condition of the house of our time.

“New inventions allow sending letters , signatures and sign contracts or artwork at a distance of 20,000 km All beds will be connected . ”

As Verne imagined , in the last decades of this century ending forms of relationship between human beings are changing rapidly. Many speak as a scientific and technological revolution comparable to that produced by writing , printing or industrial production system of the last century .

One of the essential agents of transformation in everyday life- in addition to changes in social structures is the introduction into contemporary homes telematics , ie , electronic and audiovisual technologies to the familiar telephone, radio, video and television, today added the massive and rapid incorporation of computers and digital networks.

The always sensitive to the aspirations of man in the world, domestic space today is presented as an indeterminate mixture of past and future, a place where old and new converge dreams of inhabiting the earth traditional dreams privacy and comfort add new dreams you today total power from the house. ( … )



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