M House. Phase 2.

Profesional, Projects, c. XXI, Housing

M House. Phase 2.

Phase two and construction management 2015

El viso. Madrid.


Blanca Lleó.

Camilo Garcia, architect. NB35 engineering structures.

Harriet Camacho, Félix Motiño, Joaquín Cepas, Juan Francisco de la Torre.

Size of project
1,500 m2

2006-2008 (phase 1)

2014-2015 (phase 2)

Rehabilitate, reshape, revitalize and expand a home in El Viso for an artist and collector cars. The gap between the existing house and the street, can accommodate an expansion of 700m2 with natural lighting through light rooms.

Vertical and Horizontal House home. A rational existing architecture into four levels, we add a new horizontal extension with its own living world tours and perspectives that multiply the space. The set is built in the garden creating fluid sequences and variables to suit the changing seasons and uses permanent transformation .. The boundaries between inside and outside fade through the play of light, reflections, transparency, water and vegetation.

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