OF House. Integral rehabilitation of a home.

Profesional, Projects, c. XXI

OF House. Integral rehabilitation of a home.










Blanca Lleó.



Harriet Camacho (architect), Joaquín Cepas (quantity surveyor)


Size of the project.

170 m2



Design: April 2016

Start: July 2016

Deadline: October 2016


Rehabilitation of a flat.

The starting point is an architecture which is compartmentalised in little equal rooms. The target of the project is to dilute that fragmentation and to create a flowing, diaphanous inside, whose only separations are to provide the customers with degrees of freedom and intimacy. So there is a central communitary room which articulates the rest of the house; always taking into account the spatial quality, making the most of the seven balconies that the pre-existence has, which are light and air.

As the design of the interior has been integral the project considers the quality of details, taking special care of them, . Moreover, the house is susceptible to change: it can be both one or two separate independent appartments with different entries.


  • pilares_Casa of_bll
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  • Casa_Ofdef
  • blanca lleó_casa of 01
  • blanca lleó_casa of 02
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  • blanca lleó_casa of 04
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