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Inhabiting report

Live report is a collective research led by Carlos and Blanca Lleó Sambricio that aims to contribute to the debate on contemporary alternatives of collective housing . This paper explores emerging issues in the field of domestic architecture and tries to reveal , through a wide range of residential projects, those achievements, searches , tests and proposals, which are symptomatic of the vital changes occurring – and evolving – on the stage of everyday life . Focusing then on the floor of the house and its integration into the set built , this reflection is structured in 12 thematic lines . This is not a compilation, but a critical look approximation as selection and analysis of architectural material presented is a result of the thematic issues raised .

The plant is drawn means or instrument we use to approach the analysis of the contents . In architecture , the plant is an abstraction of living space , the representation of a constructed reality or the anticipation of a future possibility. It is also the expression of the encoded usual way of life proposed architecture . In this sense , we want to be particularly sensitive to changes in the needs and desires of residents detector. Redraw all the projects presented here with a single , more neutral and objective criteria , it has to allow for easier reading and more accessible understanding of what the plant wants to represent as actually built or planned , which is a reflection or which ultimately aims .

161 projects were collected . Of these, 47 are protoviviendas , so called because it tests , prototypes or especially lucid and explicit experiments. The remaining 114 cases of planned and / or constructed plants are presented grouped as has been said in thematic blocks , each project includes a tab which contains details of place, date and authorship , as well as the plant or plants scale housing and axonometric assembly in which they are inserted. Bringing in a chart , the text introduces the 12 headings and briefly comments on selected projects. The themes are : housing and some + , continuous space , changing space , wild space , repetitions and variations , strategies, subdivision without program , housing core, dispersed housing , shelter from the section, three-dimensional boundaries and negotiating housing.

The choice has focused in recent decades , although the analysis is always as a classic reference abundant and rich heritage of the first half of the twentieth century. Confronting the contemporary with the modern project is concluded that there are communicating vessels return . Just as proposed and actual accomplishments were sometimes raised above, also today we will observe how those revolutionary solutions are being carried to unimaginable extremes or constantly emerging new ideas propitiated by both sociological and cultural changes , such as rapid technological advances . The substantial change in lifestyles and therefore housing in recent decades could be fulfilled in a transition that goes from modern rationality universal expression of the complex and contradictory contemporary individuality type evolution derived solution towards the achievement of greater freedom , flexibility and diversity. The domestic space is intended to reflect this transformation.

The case study of this paper mainly covers our environment , understood in the broadest sense from a contemporary view of a globalized world . The field of study is open and unfinished for infinite, therefore offered as the beginning of a reflection that does not end but begins here . The selection of examples is at the service of reflection and analysis in finding topics of interest in contemporary housing. Its origin is therefore varied , looked everywhere , and their presence in this study due to their ability to express and emerging forms of symptomatic lives, wish to live contemporaries.

As an architect in practice of the profession , my views on housing are inextricably linked to the search for problems related to the present and future reality of architectural space solutions. So I would say with Robert Venturi that ” write like an architect who uses criticism and not as a critic chooses architecture because this book represents a collection of personal observations , a way of seeing architecture that is valid for me ” . In this regard, this report wants to value inhabit a series of ideas and housing projects how valuable counterpoint to the thousands of homes being built today are perpetuating solutions and shoddy , outdated and even obsolete. This collective work is the beginning of a slope, necessary and urgent reflection , a provisional and incomplete balance .

The ultimate goal of this material is to take the pulse of the state of the question , so inquire as our accommodation can be the expression of modes of life today.

Search , material selection and preparation of the drawings has been developed as a team. I have no doubt that without the help of Helena Aguilar, Rafael Beneytez , Javier García Germán , Mary Langarita , Fernando and Antonio Pino Viejo, this document would not have been possible . In the last year and a half of working together, we have learned and we have enjoyed toGuale parties.

Also, note that the contribution of Carlos Sambricio this book is relevant because it provides us with a historical perspective that is essential.

Furthermore I want to express my deepest gratitude to all the authors of the projects in this book . I trust you will forgive mistakes, always involuntary , we would have incurred to transcribe his very interesting proposals .

And above all, recognize the invaluable support the SLA and the determined trust in this research project . We congratulate his career of 25 years and applaud your decision to take on new challenges .

Finally we would like to think that this is the first episode ( IH / 1 ) in a series that others will continue ( IH / 2 , IH / 3, IH / 4, etc. . ) . We encourage new cases and reflections join ours , because the issue of housing is infinite and we have just started a task.

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