Mirador Building

Profesional, Projects, c. XXI, Housing

Mirador Building

Sanchinarro , Madrid.

EMVS . City of Madrid.

Blanca Lleó . MVRDV .

Ignacio Borrego, Maria Espinosa , Stefan Witteman , Gabriela Bojalil , Pedro Garcia Martinez , Helena Aguilar , Beatriz Fierro, Miguel Tejada , Nieves Mestre, Marjolijn Guldemond , Fabien MAZENC , Dagmar Niecke , Andrès Antolin Juan Antonio Lloveras , Renzo Leeghwater , Jene and Florian Maria Gonzalez Campo. Miguel J.Luis of engineering structures , JG facilities .

Dragados .

Size of project
21,000 m2

Design and execution of work

The 21 storeys volume developed emerges as an icon from the excessively homogeneous location of Sanchinarro, framing the landscape with the  huge void 40x15x15 meters situated on the 12 floor. This void opened to the city and territory is the neighbour´s courtyard. It is a vertical building liberating part of the public space so needed in todays cities.

The 20.000 m2 space built contains a great diversity of situations and 36 dwellings. They are organized in nine groups, represented with nine different ceramic material in the facade; three types of GRC, granite, limestone, slate, and three types of ceramic material of small format. The diversity on facades, results from  different quarterings, diverse voids organization, textures and colours. Among the nine types of enclosures run the four pathways while the intermediate viewpoints result from the change of direction of the stairs. The circulation among the building is like small vertical streets. The different groups of houses form themselves like little neighbourhoods. The central huge void holds together all the diversity and gives identity to the building as a whole.

Against the serialization and the rationalist repetition of single houses, a reasonable variation is proposed  as a response to the contemporary living. Multiple different unites with flexible and adaptable organization are proposed, as the structure and installations are situated on the perimeter of each house. Each user has freedom to project its identity to the house.


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