Perdiz House

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Perdiz House

Under construction

Location Somosaguas. Pozuelo de Alarcón. Madrid.

Customer Private.

Architect Blanca Lleó.

Contributors Harriet Camacho, María Serrano, Joaquín Cepas.

Size of project 2.500 m2

Project 2017-2018

Construction 2018-2020

The house is located on the plot in such way that turns its back to the north  and opens to the south with a slat facade that protects it from the sun during the summer.

The building is organized around a central patio which guarantees light and crossed ventilation. Thereby, the entrance to the property is through the north – a doubled height space with visions of the patio and garden-, the living room is located at south – a doubled height space emjoys the warm sun during the winter and the best views – ,  the rooms at east and the server spaces – kitchen and bathrooms – at north.

The iluminated and ventilated basement through patios of light makes this space an ideal place for the creation of the client’s photographic projects.

Apart from photography, the owners are also great lovers of nature., because of this it was necesarry to incorporate a green house to the project that could be used as a laboratory for plants. This space, together with the rest of the complex implies a combination of volums with strategically located openings which allows visual conections between exterior and interior.

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