Private School

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Private School



Blanca Lleó in collaboration with mh10 architects 

Project Management
Blanca Lleó

Harriet Camacho (architect), Joaquín Cepas and Alejandro Bernabeu (engineers)

Size of project
13.100 m2

The project consists in the transformation of an old convent from the
60’s (that already has an intervention made by another architect) into a new school for all ages.

Blanca Lleó’s architectural office is completing the rehabilitation of the ruined building and also, is elaborating the extension of 5.800m2 to equip the educational centre of new spaces adapted to their innovative and progressive educational system.

On the one hand, the rehabilitation is based in the tranformation of the old church into a new media library, events hall and multipurpose spaces, repair the cloister and refurbish part of this existing construction to house new classrooms.

On the other hand, the expansion project consists in the construction of a new administration building -with a particular concrete facade that contrast with the bricks of the existing complex-, a school canteen – the wood beams makes it an opened and iluminated space with views and conection to the garden- and a parking lot – that when it is requiered it can also be used as sport grounds and playgrounds –

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