The property for life no longer exists, published in EL PAIS


The property for life no longer exists, published in EL PAIS

El Pais , Friday December 1, 2006


BLANCA LLEO / Architect

“Housing for life no longer exists ”


Anatxu ZABALBEASCOA , Madrid

Her book Dreaming of living is a classic on the domestic spaces . Blanca Lleó (Madrid , 1959) has spent years analyzing stem cell architecture : housing . With Dutch studio MVRDV built one of the new symbols of Madrid, Mirador residential building , which has just been awarded by the City. Live report presented yesterday , a volume, signed with Carlos Sambricio , which explores other ways to organize households .


Question. Which concludes the book ? Can we live better?


Response . The standard solution is over. The property for life no longer exists . A remedy does not cure all the ills.


P. Why do not always serve the story ?


R. Individuality requires more versatile flats . What happens in all walks of life are being translated into architecture. Formerly in Madrid, if you wanted you could buy bread types : a bar called gun. Now , when you go to the bakery there are 20 types . And that housing was not . People ask to be identified with their home. The report ‘s suggestions: homes without hierarchies tailored to the individual. Another conclusion of the book is the focus on higher spatial quality .


P. How do you get ?


R. Buildings could be divided as three-dimensional puzzles. We would play with the volumes to achieve spatial quality . What we propose is : instead of starting surface, divvy up space.


P. Who will do it? Architects ? ? Politicians ? ?


R. Together. Which came first , the 20 types of bread or people saying he was sick of the gun? The demand is created. Architects can propose interest instead of obsolete models manufactured copiers. The developers are realizing that their business will flourish no product repeating ad nauseum . In Madrid, he has done more for the dignity of the floors from the social than from private housing . But private developers already understand the need. Should differentiate products .


P. Do not see danger in that many beautiful makeup buildings facades without changing the inside?


R. That’s where the architects have to be serious. Yes there are very banal suggestions: look different but are equal. That is dangerous . The challenge is not to wash your face , but in response to other ways of living .


P. A house as part of the welfare state ?


R. It is closely related to sustainability. When you buy a house you want to make it yours. And gets into works. Built what is pulled. A huge amount of energy , materials, money and time well wasted, when one tries to transform a standard floor at home . That could be solved by offering variety of solutions before building : sustainability is the prior choice .


P. The Municipal Housing and Land ( SLAs ) has funded them the book . Do you think that is a model institution?


R. In Madrid , yes. For it has attracted people with different political tendencies , with different orientations for social housing, and those changes have not only weakened the institution but have strengthened . It is exceptional. In parallel is the situation of the Community, which does not work well .


P. How it works?


R. The highest bidder. Contractors and architects have the cheapest wins competitions . That system is poison. Money is a factor in architecture, but may not be the only one.


P. Are the great figures he works EMVS can solve the problems of housing?


R. They accommodate everyone who has something to offer . It seems perfect housing foreign architects do in Madrid. The doors open and run the ideas. In the world of science is not it ? What about the culture ?


P. Is the unfinished housing architects ?


R. It is very laborious and unspectacular . In the thirties progressed so much that came later lived of these ideas. But the type of housing to contemporary there is the same distance between the gun and bread bakeries of today.


P. Why change more cities that housing ?


R. The more intimate things are, there is more reluctance to change . One change in his little world .


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