Pysch Office

Profesional, Projects, c. XXI

Pysch Office






Blanca Lleó.


Harriet Camacho


Agosto 2018

Photography: Imagen Subliminal

In a 1940s building, an integral rehabilitation is carried out to transform an old house into a psych office.

The new use requires differentiated areas (6 offices) and a common cozy zones.

Therefore,  consultancies are strategically located around the main façade, while subsidiary spaces – kitchen and toilets – are located inwards, overlooking the interior of the patio. A singular gesture defines the floor plan.

A curved element runs through the heart of the surface and defines with its geometry different areas in a fluid continuum: reception, waiting room and access. The undulating canvas is constructed with beech wood slats, while walls and flooring are covered with linoleum. Both materials together with indirect lighting configure a calm and unitited atmosphere. 

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