Restoration Project in The Reina Sofia National Art museum

Profesional, c. XXI, Design

Restoration Project in The Reina Sofia National Art museum

Localization: Atocha, Madrid.

Cliente: MNCARS, Reina Sofia National Art museum, Sabatini Building

Architects: Blanca Lleó

Contributors: Harriet Camacho, Laura López Aspiroz, Félix Motiño

Size of the project: 440,13 m2

Design and execution of work: 2013-2014

The main objective of this Project , is to redesign the space situated at the zero level of the Sabatini building, where the cafeteria and self service used to be. This area of restoration has a surface of 440.13 m2 and is not in use at present. The rooms in this area are located around the stair situated onthe south east side of the cloister. The space has a vaulted ceiling 6.3o m tall and a wall structure of 1.30, 1.50 and even 2.3 m thick. Until its closing less than one year ago, counted with the following program:

.cafeteria with wc at the end,


.connecting walkway under the stairs,

.diner- self service,

.kitchen and loft for employees

According to the new requirements established by MNCARS, the project organizes the space in three areas:

.Bistró area, open to the public, with cafeteria, dinning room, two private rooms and kitchen.

.WC area

.Resting area for employees articulated in two spaces.

To the new requirements the project moves, from its present position to a better position both the toilets and the kitchen. The Bistró area will be opened to the public with direct access from the museum through the main hall


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