Slats Façades


Slats Façades

For the Mare de Deu in Barcelona we could design a building lama slimline aluminum smelting and phenolic panel. Thanks to the arrangement open to innovation Llambí manufacturer , we have managed to strengthen play – full and empty characteristic – the building at the foot of Montjuic volumes. The book contains lattice facades , on the one hand , the trajectory of Llambí over a century , and secondly, a detailed list of recent architectures in which the slats are protagonists. The publication is based on a case of extraordinary collaboration between industry and architecture.

Our joint work with Llambí has gone further: in conducting a research project , still in progress, we have had the means to carry out the production and viability of the prototype Sunflower Lama a louvered facade system with integrated photovoltaic solar tracking system patented by Blanca Lleó





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