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We were able to create a team with a foreign study, and it was I who decided who would be that team. Then I decided it would MVRDV, and started the project. The work we were organizing doing three days I stay in Rotterdam working there , they stay in Madrid where we brought models, drawings , exchanged materials, and in the process went forward and twoideas were emerging , and these twoideas have occurred after two buildings. One is the Mirador , which is already finished, and the other is the lattice building that is now underway. Developments , by virtue of being the buildings here , complex developments , have fallen more about myself, but at all times been at connection and so we managed to finish the first building and we are all very pleased . The second building are at the point of maximum enthusiasm and high expectations , we are still in mid- construction. The city for us is communication and , therefore, the fact of creating new residential districts is to promote residential fabric from a new way of understanding the city , and looking for that connection between what is architecture and what is civic life understand that residential architecture architecture also needs to be capitalized, it can not be exclusively producing square meters. In this sense, when we find a tissue and is proposed as the San Chinarro , Las Tablas, Montecarmelo , the building type of the closed block in our opinion is contrary to that sense of communication that wants to be the city. Why? Because the closed apple is an apple isolated , is an autistic apple , it’s a small world of islands that will not create connection, you will not create interrelation , it will not create communication between the elements and the inhabitants of a city. Doing a review , therefore, is bound typology decided to break the block. Our research from the beginning is to break the block. Find alternatives to apple in that investigation and there are two ways in which we work . A part of the idea of ​​taking the closed block and make that a part open closure to the environment, the landscape, turning what is autistic patio, enclosed patio gazebo introvert in an open and connected to the environment, not just the neighborhood, but the territory of the Sierra de Guadarrama. The other trend , the otheridea why that work is now translated into the lattice building would bomb , dynamite , drill all the way around the block, and make it a part almost colander , in a building




We were given the opportunity of creating a team in association with a foreign studio , and I was the one who DECIDED who would be in the team . Immediately I DECIDED That it would be MVRDV and we Began to work on the project . The way we Organized the work was for me to spend three days in Rotterdam, and Then They would come to Madrid where we worked on models and drawings , and Exchanged material. In this way we made progress and started two thoughts to take form , and These two thoughts have now turned into two buildings . One is the Mirador Which is Already finished, and the other is the latticework Which building is under construction . Since the buildings are here in Spain, the development of Their construction has fallen more on my shoulders , but We have been in contact at all times . We have managed to finish the first building and we are all very satisfied with it . As for the second building, we are full of hope and anticipation as we reach the half- way stage in construction. For us , the city is communication and so the creation of new residential Neighbourhoods is an opportunity to Promote a new way of understanding the city. As we search for this connection Between architecture and the citizens’ everyday life , we not realize that residential architecture Also has to be architecture with a capital A, it can not just be construction , square meters of construction. When we come across Already Proposed construction projects : such as Sanchinarro , Las Tablas, Montecarmelo , the building typology of the closed block of buildings seems the opposite to this sense of communication Which We want for the city. Why? Because the closed block is an isolated block, it is an autistic block, it is a small world of islands Which is not going to create yourself connection , it is not going to create yourself interrelations , it is not going to create yourself Communication between the elements and the inhabitants of a city . So We decided to break up the block of buildings as a way of Criticizing this almost obligatory typology . From the very beginning our research led us to breaking up the block . We Looked for alternatives to the traditional block of buildings and we worked along two lines of research. One led us to taking the closed block and converting this into a building block bunkered open to its surroundings, to the landscape , to converting the autistic patio, the introverted enclosed courtyard into an open gazebo, in Communication with its surroundings , not only with the neighborhood but Also With the countryside of the nearby mountains

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