Spanish Architecture (1975-2010) + 35 years building democracy


Spanish Architecture (1975-2010) + 35 years building democracy

Archery Hall of Nuevos Ministerios , the Paseo de la Castellana , 67, Madrid. From January 26 to April 8, 2012

The exhibition brings together the best of Spanish architecture made ​​from 1975 to the present day , covering two hundred and thirty projects that have transformed the architectural landscape of our country , made ​​one hundred and thirty teams of architects , of which sixty models are discussed . Since 1975 each year is headed by a work , which accompany other , to help sharpen the picture , or trends that year , consolidating a brilliant kaleidoscope in which the outcome depends on who looks at it.

The aim of the exhibition is to allow visitors to appreciate the transformation of the Spanish urban landscape through a chronological journey will take us from 1975 to 2010 , and its contents is to capture the correlation between the construction of the democratic state , and building their towns and cities , if any. All of this architecture is implemented in areas such as health, housing , education , transport , sport , culture , public space , and the environment through the implementation of buildings and infrastructure , transforming the rural and urban landscape that improve the quality of life of citizens. A thirty -five that allows specific analysis of what has happened based on the works which we feel are the most significant of the recent Spanish architecture.


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