Sunflower Slat

Profesional, c. XXI, Design

Sunflower Slat

The researched, funded by Endesa, has led to the patent nº 2322748.

The sunflowerslat is a solar energy harvest system fully integrated in the architecture.

The project consists in combining three industrial production elements: slats, photovoltaic panels and trackers. The sunflowerslat protects the glass facade and simultaneously captures the sun’s energy. When programmed in automatic mode , it is always active, thus  when the house is empty , the system remains in operation through the solar tracker. However a remote manual mode allows the user to operate the system at will.

The sunflowerslat facade  works as an urban solar farm that provides clean energy and also helps citizen awareness of renewable energy generation . On the south façade , which is seen from distance, a panel collects data and evaluates the power the power that can be capture and fuel savings. The sunflowerslat is a patented innovative solution that contributes to the conservation of the environment. The primary objective is to engage residents and encourage individual responsibility for the collective benefit.

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