Thinking the Edge in Istambul

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Thinking the Edge in Istambul

Thinking The Edge. workshops/lectures and round tables/exhibitions.
An architecture international meeting in Istambul, Turkey.

Stefano Boeri Architect and editor-Milan, Blanca Lleó ETSAM-Madrid,  Manuel Mateus , Mateus Architects-Lisbon, Frederic Levrat Columbia University- NY, Emre Arolat EAA Mimarlık-Istanbul, Eduard Bru ETSAB-Barcelona, Han Tumertekin, Architect-Istanbul, Manuel Gausa UNIGE-Genova/ Dean IAAC-Barcelona, Mehmet Kütücküoğlü Teğet Mimarlık-Istanbul, Luca Molinari, critic and curator- SUSNapoli, Remo Dorigati Politecnico di Milano, Murat Vefkioğlu Architect-Urban Designer-Istanbul, Burcu Kütücküoğlü Bilgi University, Deniz Inceday Mimar Sinan University, Hayriye Esbah Istanbul Teknik University, Nezih Aysel Mimar Sinan University , Yüksel Demir Istanbul Teknik University, Flavio Barbini UAL-Lisbon, SO? Mimarlık-Istanbul, SuperPool Mimarlık-Istanbul, Buket Bas Architect, Ana Hidalgo ICOA Istanbul, Paolo Belloni Politecnico di Milano, Mariona Benain AJAC Catalonia.

The Edge-Water&Culture is an international, multidisciplinary architectural event that will take place in Istanbul, focusing on building a natural environment and the notion of edge as a dynamic interchange among realities, materials, cultures, identities and memories.

Thinking the Edge- Water&Culture was born as a result of the previous successes of Thinking The Edge Milano 2010 and Water Front Hong Kong 2011. Istanbul provides the perfect setting for an architectural event that explores the dynamic r elations between water and culture, exemplified by an ever changing, multicultural society and its beloved Bosphorus.

Thinking the Edge-Water&Culture events will include: WORKSHOPS attended by students from twelve universities all over the world, SEMINARS and ROUND TABLES chaired by prominent representatives of the architectural and inter disciplinar y fields, as well as EXHIBITIONS and a COMPETITION opened to students and professionals.




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