A viewpoint for Madrid in Blanco y Negro Cultural


A viewpoint for Madrid in Blanco y Negro Cultural



The double social housing project Blanca Lleó Dutch studio MVRDV and Madrid prepare to young neighborhood Sanchinarro commitment to wash her face this type of construction , almost always harmless and marked


A lookout for Madrid


We review in a conversation with White Lleó, project architect and professor at the School of Madrid, the building of the emblematic neighborhood Sanchinarro social housing in Madrid , a work developed by the Dutch office MVRDV .


– In a general atmosphere of vulgarity and urban nonsense , what it seeks new approach to social housing Madrid , how the problem is approached facing the urban periphery stiff ?


Our building stands and raises his voice to reflect the importance to always keep domestic architecture in a city. Sanchinarro is for locals built a value per square meter and a ” big mall ” recently opened . It is an overly homogeneous environment , it could be said that ours is a provocative response to the challenge posed by the architecture of mass production and the anachronistic urban surroundings. The essential idea is April – building environment , do a bit of city, a place connected to the urban context and social relationships . Obviously the building is exposed. His presence as a distant landscape framing the Sierra de Guadarrama is the expression of a desire to create links with the neighborhood, with rapid circulation pathways ( M- 30, M -40 , Al, A-10) , with territory with the media context . How? Breaking the closed apple and carrying the courtyard of heights to become a viewpoint from which neighbors can admire the sunsets and the mountains on the horizon block. Thus, the built in high volume releases a public space , a plaza at street level demand that the contemporary city .


– Is it possible to adapt to economic social housing modules and simultaneously consider the death of the city from architecture ?


Also in architecture – the idea is the value , the gray matter at stake . The best building is not the most expensive . In many areas of our society , the value of ideas attracts financial means. Architects have to convince the added value of market ideas , interesting architecture proposed solutions cost the same and worth much more.


– What is needed for management to rely on such proposals ?


– The arguments convincing . Defend an idea , impossible as this sounds, it is something that must be based on sound and well-defended arguments understandable . Then you need to use strategies to involve the social partners. For example , it is best to spark interest risk . The caller has to feel that it is a participant in the project, which is not only spectator, but actor. A project as a dream of the future, must always cause emotions , sometimes found: surprise, confusion , excitement , disbelief , illusion … You also have to meet expectations and needs.


– This project, do you intend to be a prototype can be replicated in similar situations , becoming an alternative?


– This project is part of an open investigation raptor produce different solutions. In fact , we are now also working with MVRDV housing project in another part of the same investigation. No embai -go , the way we took in this case does not have the character to be a repeatable piece.


– Does the participation of star architects like MVRDV for these initiatives to be taken into consideration is required , how it has developed collaboration with Jacob van Rijs and his team?


– The times are never accidental architecture . You always have to look for them or rather create them. When the possibility of a project for the EMV arose , I proposed to share the commission with a team of ex – tranjero international prestige. I did not hesitate long in making a decision that some considered risky : I chose to work with the Dutch team MVRDV . It seemed absolutely necessary to go for the revolting Madrid and provocative ideas of this team. I must say that do not interest me too much entrenched positions and consecrated many prestigious architects . Among us, it is able to convince and at the same time, do yours know the other’s view , also know change perspective, lowered self- belief and personal dogmatism that prevents us keep thinking . The key of our collaboration is that both MVRDV as I do this normally. I remember, for example, a working session at the very beginning , where we debated opposing views . Jacob asked me to make an exchange of positions: he would, my own idea and I would assume as his own . We came to surprising conclusions : not shy away from conflict and step into the shoes of another gives us an unusual perspective . It is a great pleasure to work with Jacob , greatly admire and appreciate the clean and unprejudiced view of these Dutch architects. Sometimes I see in them an almost childlike unconsciousness and daring that proves to be very necessary in Madrid too conventional architectural setting. I must also say that EMV has accepted from the beginning and has defended our work at all times with the utmost respect and confidence. Similarly, work as a builder Dragados is a guarantee for carrying out a project of this nature .


– What stage is in the works right now and what the new project is preparing for San Chinarro ?


– We finish the work this summer, and with MVRDV are finalizing a second project in Sanchinarro . Both housing projects were born at the same time as two forms of the same idea : to break the block. I put a name to each and we keep calling them and gazebo lattice . The second will say that instead of having a large gazebo on the 12th floor has 24 small gazebos scattered throughout its volume , thus creating a ” sieve effect ” capable of linking the residential building environment .


Arturo Franco

Blanco y Negro Cultual / 28/02/2004

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