Water and Culture | Hong Kong

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Water and Culture | Hong Kong

“New market and waterfront communities”


Organized by Morisa Yiu (CUHK) and Blanca Ueo (Architecfure School of Madrid),

November 9th-11th, 2011

This workshop will examine old and new social enterprises that relate to food production: such as wet markers, farms, wholesale fish markets to supermarket typologies in HK. From contemporary explorations of socio-environmental needs and material explorations, the workshop of the studio will culminate into a design of a new Market Commune structure. A building and public space on a waterfront area will combine programs to accentuate food production and consumption into formal and spatial strategies. Students will engage with fish markets, visit and analyze the Aberdeen waterfront by taking a sampan boat tour. As a response to the future development of the MTR, the South Island Line (East) is currently being planned and will be a medium capacity system that will run from the South Horizons, via Lei Tung, Wong Chuk Hang, Ocean Park to Admiralty. The Market commune will be located at a strategic point along the Aberdeen bromenade area, as a site for speculation to host a new market place centre that supports the local community, future inhabitants in the area and future influx of cultural tourists to the area.

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