Women on front line


Women on front line

Are they the exception or the precursor of a new era ? They have managed to break into male-dominated worlds . They have overcome many barriers . Others tried, but abandoned along the way. The Magazine now out six testimonies of women who face planted successfully. It is the first installment of a weekly series that will include the story of a woman who knew how to go against

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View close look made ​​of a different pasta. Did they go out of them from Adam’s rib ? Nor is it entirely clear whether it is the natural evolution of the first class or a pure exception , unwritten rule that is pushing women to the forefront of the decision-making traditionally masculine or professional activities. Themselves deny their status as pioneers , but it seems that form the vanguard of the Spanish who are porllegar . It is only a matter of time, mostly reviewers . But some see these exceptional qualities as a new goddesses of Olympus. In contrast , public space is a simple orphan earthly place of support that requires deeper than the mere passage of time structural changes. Is it a matter of choices or decisions? , Do you women will lack ambition? , There remains a patriarchal order that discriminates ? , Eventually give up or are simply other priorities than men?

The x-ray is clear that these questions is rather a complicated rom – pecabezas of numbers and letters. In the Spanish case, the puzzle seems the true nature of bick – Ru . Our labor market is one of those with the highest gender differences across Europe , warns OGDE . The female employment rate is one of the lowest , and unemployment , one of the highest , even the new Europaa 25. Abnormal labor integration of the women is no longer a question of lack of training,

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